Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I swatched! Really, that says it all. I've been dreaming of making this sweater for my husband for a couple of months now. It will be Avast from Fall 2006 Knitty. My husband approved and said it should be made of scratchy wool. I bought merino anyway, but not expensive merino. The color of the picture doesn't show it, but the yarn really is a traditional dark heather gray. What was even better than the fact that I actually knit a swatch is that it came out exactly to gauge. Wow. Now I just need to decide which size to make!


  1. Yay you!!! Look at you swatching queen, you. I have to go look at that pattern now. Will you bring your yarn to bookclub? Next you'll have to make him one of those skully pirate hats from Hello Yarn.

  2. (back from looking at the Avast pattern) Me too! Me too! What a fantastic choice--I want to knit it, too! I think we need our own little knitalong. Can I knit it with you? Or maybe just a Cardigan-for-Husband KAL and I'll do that other cardigan that I was thinking of from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts. So many sweaters, so little time...

  3. Valerie, this is a great idea. I've been thinking how fun it would be to start a KAL. Let's do it!!