Thursday, February 1, 2007


Well, I finished two squares for the Square-a-long and got them mailed off. I'm really excited to see that finished product!

Valerie has offered to knit some squares for a blanket for my baby. Yeah! I think we'll do a trade. I've been thinking about color palettes. Valerie has some pretty orange shaded yarn, and my baby's bedroom-to-be is light blue. I'm crocheting him a deep red and gray apghan (tradition to crochet one for each child). How about something like this?

I've started making some progress on hubby's sweater. It was going very slowly with a cable needle. Since only one stitch went on the needle, the needle kept falling out. I finally searched the web for info on cabling without a needle. It's perfect for this application, and I've learned a new skill. Yeah! Thanks everyone for your generous tutorials.


  1. Beautiful palette! So do you want cotton or how about a lovely wool cashmere blend? Maybe I should just get a whole bunch of Shine Sport and start doing mitered squares...

    Your cable band looks mahvelous, dahling. I'm so glad you looked up cabling w/o a cable needle. It's so liberating. Aren't online tutorials handy?

  2. YOu are going to have to let me know what color of blankets and such you don't have so I can make you one. It will most likely be crochet as I really like crocheted baby blankets (plus they are ten times faster).

    Just let me know!


    Cabling without a cable needle? Knitting vudoo huh? I am going to have to check that out.