Thursday, February 15, 2007

I finished something that's been hanging over me!! Yeah! I've decided that if a knitting project was hanging over me, maybe it's not the best thing for me to knit. I loved this pattern, and it turned out great, but I don't think I'm a lace knitter at heart (at least yet). It was too slow for me, and I had to read the pattern the whole time. Of course, I am suffering from pregnant brain! Anyway, it was great to finish this scarf, give it to my sister, and have her love it. As Marly said, you somehow don't believe compliments from relatives, because they have to be nice to you, but I'm still flattered.

I started my first sock ever last night. Yes it's true, I've never knitted socks. I can't help wanting to, however, when so many knitters/bloggers make so many and have so much fun doing it. Anyway, I cast on a chunky wool sock last night while hoping that my husband would get home from work, and got about half finished before I gave up and went to bed. Husband didn't get home until 1:45 am. Good thing we went to lunch for Valentine's day. I finished the sock today except for grafting the toe...with me luck!

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  1. The scarf is lovely! Did you work on it sporadically? Of course you had to read the pattern the whole way. The only way to keep a lace pattern in your brain is if that's th only thing you're working on. Yes, and gestational senility can get in the way, too...

    Grafting is easy if you've got clear directions. I've got a couple of books that are good if you're in need.