Friday, February 9, 2007


After reading knitting books and blogs, I have come to think of the word frogging for unravelling my work and starting again, but where does it come from? Actually, it's usually best not to know the answer to such questions.

I finally started on a crocheted baby afghan for my son. I crocheted one for my first child, and it was finished before she was born. The second one was finished a couple of months after my first son's birth. On the third, after an exhaustive search to find yarn I liked in the color I wanted, I found out that the last two skeins of my "no dye lot" yarn didn't match. I was so frustrated I quit for a long while. I finally (at least a year later) ordered a BUNCH of new yarn and started all over. It wasn't until I was finished that I realized that at least one of the skeins I used didn't quite match. Good thing I didn't notice earlier is all I can say. Third child's afghan was already a year and a half late.

So I finally found the colors my husband picked in a yarn I liked and started afghan number four, but I got this far and decided that I really had done the initial chain stiches too tight. I frogged it all, did it again, really loose...too loose. I'm on try number three now.


  1. I actually know the answer to where the term "frogging" comes from. I can tell you, if you want. Or, If you want to look it up, check out the first paragraph on p. 111 of Stitch 'N Bitch, The Knitter's Handbook. I won't say it now though, in case it's more fun to leave it a mystery. Happy knitting (and frogging)!

  2. Well, you have created a mystery for me...I'll have to go and search out that book!