Monday, January 22, 2007

meme 2

I've had a hard time getting back to the second half of my meme challenge. So many things are going on. I've been slowed down on all of my knitting, and had to actually get some things done this weekend!

I've finished one skein of baby alpaca yarn in this scarf for my Sister. I've decided that for it not to be skimpy, I'll really have to do the whole second skein. This lace is beautiful, but slow, which is a bit discouraging. So Val, thou lover of baby alpaca, can you spit join it? I just finished the blue striped scarf and I have so many ends to weave in. I'd love to try this trick.

I finished my first (maybe last...I had such plans!) square for the Square-along. I love this self patterning yarn!! I'm going to take a sock class from the local yarn store. The itch has gotten unbearable.

So the rest of the meme challenge from Valerie is to list 10 things that represent concepts or themes in my life that start with the letter...T. So let's see:

Tummy--I think about mine all the time. I'm associating this word with not only my growing abdomen (full of kicking baby) but my empty stomach. First I was put on a low-fat diet for the my gall bladder problems. One of the doctors told me that the gall bladder also helped with protein digestion so I shouldn't overdo protein. Now my OB has asked me to go on a carbohydrate-restricted diabetic diet. I was sent to a dietician for advice. She told me to only have 30-45 g or carbohydrate at a meal, but to make sure an get my 2000 calories a day. I'm hungry, but I don't know what to eat.

Three--The number of children I have. I've picked a word for each.

Tears--For the oldest, this is appropriate because she can't tell from moment to moment if she happy or if life is one great tragedy. I did't know girls were emotional so early. And she has no idea what to do about it.

Tooth--Second child just lost another tooth. I wonder how many days he'll have to pray for the tooth fairy to come before I remember to leave money?

Tantrums--Youngest child is two, and that should say it all. She is angelic one minute, and throws horrific tantrums the next. She is, however, old beyond her years.

Thread--can I use this to count as yarn? I'm thinking about thread every day. It's about time to start knitting threads for #4 on the way.

Truncate--this is what I feel I'm doing with all of the jobs, responsibilities, pleasures, and necessities of my life.

Tired--what I am all the time now.

Wow, 10 is a lot.


  1. I like your T's! 10 is a lot. You did much better than I. (Did I even get 4? No, I think I only had three words.)

    Your lace is so lovely. Yes! Yes! Spit splice your little heart out with the alpaca. It should stick together nicely. You should probably trim half of your plies on each end so that you get a nice smooth join.

    Kristen! What's left to eat? I'm thinking about your tummy, too. I'll let you know if I come up with any bright ideas.

  2. I don't even think I made it to ten! Really excited about the KAL! Had the stuff to make this wonderful sweater for a year nearly and still haven't made it!