Tuesday, January 2, 2007

My husband gave me a new knitting book (Two-Stitch Knits by. Jane Crowfoot) for Christmas. This book has some great patterns in it. I remembered on Christmas that we forgot to send a gift to our friend Roy in Colorado. So, I've been working on this rib-knit scarf from the book. I'm using my new "Options" needles from KnitPicks. They're also a Christmas gift from Mark, and they're so cool!

I've also been working on a baby sweater for my sister Erin, who is waiting to have a baby any minute. I started on a very practical machine-washable sweater, but I couldn't get some wool-cotton from my stash out of my mind. It's left over from a sweater my mom made me in the 80s! I had a limited amount, but I finally decided to use two colors and make it work. The pattern is the "Dumb Baby Sweater" from the book "Knitting in Plain English" by Maggie Righetti.

So, I had just enough yarn (I hoped) to make a little bunny rabbit to match the sweater. I'm still working on it, but here are the parts. This is the baby bunny from Fiona McTague's "Knitting for Babies and Toddlers".


  1. i'm so glad you've come over to the dark side. muahahaha!!! I think you'll find it very gratifying to hold your knits up for *everyone* (me?) to see. It's kind of like putting a frame on a painting--it's the reward for the artist (that was a badly mangled quote from some famous painter, Picasso maybe?)

    Well, your dumb baby sweater is ADORABIBLE! and the bunny is going to be so cute. I'm overcome by how gorgeous the Mountain Colors moebius turned out. Did you block it? It looks so soft yet polished at the same time. That must be one of those mystical qualities of cashmere. mmmmm

  2. I can honestly say that I have no desire to knit or crochet a stuffed animal. More power to you and the bunny is beautiful!