Friday, January 12, 2007


Yesterday I had to spend 3 1/2 hours at the hospital having a 3 hour glucose test. My initial test came out a little high, so I had to have a follow up. The test consists of fasting for 12 hours, then going into the hospital and having your blood drawn. If you look OK, you get to drink the icky orange drink, and they take your blood every hour for the next 3 hours. Oh, and you're not allowed to leave.

Actually, I found it not that bad to be stuck there. I was told to sit around for three hours. I took a book, a notebook to write in, and my knitting. I found I didn't have nearly enough time! Although, I was really anxious for food by the time it was done. Who ever thought of asking a pregnant woman to fast?

So while I was sitting in the laboratory lobby knitting, I found that LOTS of people wanted to strike up conversations. One older couple finished their test and stayed for another half hour just to talk to me. (That's when you're glad you're knitting not reading--you can keep up your activity.) So I had two people give me many compliments on the mobius scarf I was wearing. One lady came over just to tell me she loved it, and ask if I'd made it. She asked how much I'd charge to make one. Ummmm....I had no idea what to answer. I thought, $15-$20 is all I could ask, but wouldn't pay for my time. I came home and told Mark, and he said, "$60, at least!" My father-in-law said, "$100!" I'm flattered, but...Anyway, she took my name and phone number. She is looking for yarn. What will I tell her? It would be fun to knit on commission. Besides, I'm starved for compliments!

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  1. Okay, for a simple garter stitch scarf where the "customer" purchases the yarn I charge 25.00 easily. I think your husband is right...60.00 sounds good to me!