Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I get to knit-along

Aren't digital cameras fun? I get to take all of these horrible pictures and then show off the only one that half-way turns out. This is a close-up of the very tiny beginning of an afghan sqauare for the square-a-long that was just started yesterday.

Larissa at Stich Marker has been hosting some knit-a-longs for her upcoming book. I keep trying to get in on the action, but by the time I try to sign up, the knit-a-longs are always closed. That's probably just as well, because my family does like to eat. I'm really excited to be part of something that will turn into something real, however. And in the likely event that I'm not part of the book, at least I can donate afghan squares to charity!

Valerie was part of the the first knit-a-long, by the way, and her beautiful creativity made the cut for the book--and as an alternate too! Way to go Valerie!! Check It Out! Valerie's are the one with the mouse, and the one with the lime.

So my knitting above is interesting. I'm using little sock yarn on long 10 inch #2 needles. The needles are so thin they're flexible! I'll be glad for the length eventually, but I look kind of ludicrous right now. Oh, well.

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  1. Kristen! I did a meme! Then I tagged you to do it, too! !!!!! So now I think you're supposed to visit my blog, read my meme and then do a meme post yourself.

    I like your yarn! Your knitting is so nice. Show more closeups like that. They is purty. (Been thinking about The Glass Castle and it's affecting my speech.)