Thursday, October 10, 2013

Spinzilla Day 4... already?!

As they always do, the days are flying by.  I thought the week of Spinzilla would last so long!  I've been feeling frustrated all day, because I barely got to touch my wheel.  The truth is, the past red days when I did get to use it were the unusual ones.

It's a good thing I did spin a bit this evening, or I might have torn someone's head off.  My husband keeps telling me that C-SPAN radio and driving in traffic don't mix, but I'm too dumb to listen to his wise counsel!  Traffic is bad enough without listening to politicians all day.  If I hear one more person say, "The American People want..." I think I'll scream.  If all the American people wanted the same thing, this wouldn't be complicated.  Hmpf.  Spinning...calm...yes....

So today I finished the bobbin full of merino (4 oz) in Colorway "Granite".  I had kind of a problem, because I'd decided to spin the two colorways separately, then ply them with each other as a marled yarn.  But when I spun up the denim, it was as one of my Spin Off teammates suggested; you don't know which the characteristics of the singles you'll love will be until you see them.  I loved the Denim as it was, so I had to figure out how to split the bobbin in two to ply it.  I transferred what looked like half to another bobbin (same type, so I assumed their weight was the same), then kept weighing until they were the same.  Now I have to do the same again with the Granite so that I can free up the bobbins for the rest of my white wool for the Color Affection Shawl.

If I'm really fast with the white wool I'm spinning up for a color affection shawl, I'm hoping to get to this merino/silk I dyed last week:

I hope I have more to show for tomorrow, because we just decided to go camping this weekend, and that's going to cramp my spinning style.  It's looking like a short backpacking hike, so I guess I'll have to revert to a spindle!

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