Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Spinzilla Day 2

I wonder how many posts in the blogosphere are titled that?  I think I'll do a search tomorrow.

Spinzilla Day 2 had been really fun, but I truly do have sore hands and treadle leg.  Wow!  Still, with soreness and all, and thinking that I've done a lot of spinning, some people on my Spin Off team have spun four times as much fiber as me!  Holy smokes people!  You're amazing!  Check 'em out on Ravelry.

I've managed between babysitting and my own four kids to fit in finishing my denim blue merino and starting the last bobbin full of red Wool of the Andes.

The merino is from Unique Ewe of Knit Unique, in Logan, Utah.  It is 4 oz, spun from the fold, my first time ever.  Spinning from the fold is great; I should have tried it before.  I've learned most of what I do spinning from The little book "Start Spinning" by Maggie Casey.  It's truly a great book.  I'm hoping the finished yarn will turn out lofty and soft.  This is the closest to woolen spinning I've ever done.  By the end I could long draw off the fold with no stress.  I felt like I was spinning pretty bulky, but it's around 17 wpi.

The red I'm back to working on is more of Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Roving in Hot Rod Heather.  It's a really pretty red, with shades of black for depth.  I got 400 g for Christmas, and I'm spinning it up to make a three ply yarn.

I decided to put each ply on storage bobbins that I bought especially for Spinzilla, but that turns out to be more time consuming than I thought.  The first time I broke the yarn once, and the bobbin holder snapped.  Luckily, the four bobbins came with four holders that fit into a drill.  Today when I wound the second one on, I used my husbands nicer clutched drill, set a slower speed and minimum torque strength.  I don't think it really helped, because I broke another holder.  Bummer.  Each bobbin took me 20 minutes to wind with all the complication.  I think it would take about 10 minutes at a medium speed if all went smoothly.

Now I've parked my wheel for the night, and I'm hoping to get some sleep.  May everyone have wooly dreams tonight!

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