Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Spinzilla Day 3, and I'm beat.

Well, I'm so tired tonight I was feeling discouraged about my spinning, but I'm really actually quite happy with it!  I finished all the red Wool of the Andes, plied the "Denim" merino, which is my favorite part, and got about half of the "Granite" merino spun.

I'm getting better at spinning from the fold, but switching back and forth with short forward draw has my hands all confused!  I finally started folding all the locks in advance so that I can pick them up and join them faster.  I love this colorway.

The pictures are all lousy because it's night, but I really love the soft squishiness of the merino now that it's plied.  Can't wait to see it in the skein!

I have one great story for the night.  The family knelt down tonight to say a family prayed.  My hubby asked my older son to say the prayer, but apparently he didn't hear.  We everyone bowed their heads waiting for a prayed and finally my youngest son said, "Hello?"  Somehow it sounded just like he'd picked up a phone to his Heavenly Father and was trying to start a conversation.  I laughed til tears came.  What a cute kid!

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