Friday, November 16, 2012

Judith's Studio and Hurricane Sandy

I assume many people who read this blog are active enough in the fiber arts world to have heard of the loss of Judith MacKenzie's studio to fire.  It seems like such an irony while worrying about crisis on the east coast to have this little tragedy on the west coast.  I say little not to diminish the loss to her and many who stored their wheels and looms in her studio, but because compared to loss of homes and life, we have to maintain perspective, even though  I might not always feel that way.

It's a bit ironic, because as I've been listening to those trying to while away they hours and days without electricity in the east, I try not to be jealous.  Idealistically, I picture myself knitting and spinning to my heart's content in a chilly, boring apartment.  I think of so many hours to play with my fiber.  Assuming I still had fiber, of course.  The truth is, Hurricane (or Super Storm) Sandy was not that nice.  It didn't gift people with extra hours.  Instead, it was devastating in destroying all that many people owned.  It's hard to imagine what that would really feel like.  Surrounded by too much stuff, and unable to part with it, I know that I would be devastated and blessed by such an event.  I hope that most are able to rebuild.  I was moved by this video of the Mormon Helping Hands doing a bit of good on one day in one community in New York.

And meanwhile, the warm hearts of knitters have come together to rebuild Judith's studio as much as is possible.  They are 73% of the way to the needed donation.  I hope that many more good people join in helping all those in need wherever they can help.

And there's one more good turn in the knitting world I'd like to mention today.  Craftsy is sponsoring a Keep Out the Cold drive to provide warmer winter clothing to homeless children in the U.S.  You can donate handmade items or money.  Their goal is 10,000 donations! I'm going to make a kid's sized Monmouth cap out of a fun color.  They're the warmest hats I make, so I hope one can bless someone else.

What are you donating time or money to this season?

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