Friday, March 23, 2007

What Have I been up to?

A sigh for the untouched "Avast" sweater.

Well, the baby is due in less than three weeks. Could this possibly be true? I've just discovered the secret to making the end of the ninth month go quickly. If you put of ALL baby preparation, you will suddenly be hit by a sense of absolute panic, and you'll hope that time passes more slowly. Wow do I have a lot to do! Of course it doesn't help that a big event makes me think that I could accomplish what I can't otherwise: having everything in my home and life organized and clean all at the same time. Yeah, right. I've decided my biggest goals are making room for the bassinette in my bedroom and ordering a nursing bra. Of course today is my 2, no 3 year old's birthday, and Tuesday is my boy's birthday, and I'm helping my mom finish with finish work on her cabin this weekend, and, and, and.

This all leads to the fact that I haven't touched my knitting needles in a week. I have touched the crochet hook (a blanket for the baby), and I've carried my kintting bag around, but otherwise, nothing. *SIGH* I started these socks too, and I would so love to work on them.


  1. I'm feeling your pain, darlin'. It will be all right, just have plenty of your husband's favorite foods on hand and then he can do everything that didn't get done beforehand. ;)

  2. What a completely useless comment that was. Just call me and I'll bring you some yarn. (Isn't that my standard solution?)

  3. I recently had my 6th... and I think I've been slower to prepare with each one. I don't know if it's just being busy with the little ones I already have, or if it's just not worrying about it because I'm so 'experienced' at it all by now. whatever the reason, I did the same thing... 3 weeks left? Ahhh! I still hadn't washed the cradle sheets or the car seat cover... or brought the baby clothes down from the attic...
    But it all got done, and she's 4 months old already... where has the time gone?
    Don't sweat the smalll stuff, just enjoy the moments, or try to anyway,
    happy knitting,