Thursday, September 19, 2013


I signed up last last week to participate in Spinzilla.  I'm unreasonably excited about this event!  The TNNA sponsored event is ostensibly to raise awareness of spinning.  I think it's really an excuse for all of us spinners to spend an irresponsible amount of time knitting and tell our families that it's for a good cause!  The goal is for a team of up to 25 to spin as much fiber (measured by length of singles) in a week as they can.

I signed up with Team Spin-Off, and can't wait to get started!  I've already discovered storage bobbins (why didn't I know about these before?!) and ordered some from Bobbins Up.   I have always wanted to buy more bobbins so I could make multiple ply yarns, but the cost is so prohibitive!  Now I can spin all the singles with the same bobbin, put them on storage bobbins, then ply them back off onto the original bobbin.

Because I payed with PayPal, I accidentally got them sent to Utah.  Surprisingly, the Post Office forwarded the package to me here in Virginia!  Thanks Post Office!  Even with the detour, the package came amazingly quickly.

Now, I'm planning to get all my random fiber in order to be ready for the second week of October.

And last but not least, the latest edition of Knitty has a pattern for Nymphalidea.  I am totally in love.

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